Documents for the defense of the dissertation

For a successful defense of a dissertation, it remains not too big, but a painstaking step – to prepare documents for the defense of the dissertation. There is a list of necessary documents and rules for their provision. For example, all materials should be arranged in special folders, each of which is drawn up in accordance with established requirements. Package of documents for the defense of the dissertation:

  • application for acceptance of the dissertation for consideration;
  • photocopies of personal documents, documents on higher education and scientific activity;
  • characteristic;
  • manuscript of the dissertation;
  • abstract (annotation) to it;
  • dissertation reviews;
  • publication of a degree candidate on a dissertation topic;
  • documents related to the research carried out during the preparation of the work and the implementation of their results.

Documents for the defense of the dissertation, as well as the dissertation itself, can be prepared by dissertation writing services. We will help get rid of the worries associated with the preparation of documents for submitting a dissertation to the council. By ordering this service to our employees, you will gain confidence in a timely and high-quality solution to this issue.

Documents after defending a dissertation

If the defense is successful, the applicant receives certain documents after defending a dissertation confirming the degree obtained. Necessary documents after defending a dissertation:

  • dissertation, abstract and registration card of the dissertation;
  • decision on awarding a degree, conclusion on the issuance of a diploma;
  • comments from the reviews of opponents and other reviews, comments from opponents, members of the dissertation council, specialists;
  • certification business, cover letter and list of documents of certification business.

Abstract to the paper may be in the form of a small annotation. For protection, at least one independent scientific article is required. If you plan to order advice on writing a dissertation in professional dissertation proposal writing services, then you get full professional support for its development.

Sometimes a dissertation may contain four sections. Conclusions and suggestions for work should reflect the main results and prospects of the study and be presented in the logical sequence of their receipt. The bibliographic list of sources should contain links to modern scientific works on the studied issues, regulatory legal acts and statistical research bases. All this is presented in a certain order according to the design requirements.

We are ready for a reasonable price to take the trouble associated with the preparation and execution of documents to defend a thesis at different stages of this marathon.

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